THP 2000

Fluorodyn™ THP-2000 Two Part Coating made with VITON was developed with the same patented base polymer as THP-1000. This coating with accelerator offers superior chemical resistance when material must be fully cured, and heat is not an option.

  • THP-2000 coated surfaces can be back in service in as little as 17 hours after application.
  • THP-2000 is resistant to the same chemicals as our patented single component caulk and THP-1000 coating.
  • THP-2000 is easy to mix and ready to use in 15-20 minutes.
  • THP-2000 withstands temperature extremes from -20°F to 450°F with excursions to 500°F. It is resistant to over 350 fluids including concentrated acids and hydrocarbons. It adheres to many surfaces, offering a tough, flexible, long-lasting coating.

Easily applies by
  • Brush
  • Roller
  • Airless Sprayer
  • Dip Coating

Quantities Avaliable
  • Quarts (.95L)
  • 1 Gallon (3.8L)
  • 5 Gallon (19L)

Standard coating is 35% solids by weight and can be easily thinned to desired consistency.
THP-2000 and accelerator are factory measured for ease of use.

Color: Black (White and grey available by special order.)