Viton - 66% Fluorine
GOOD - Chemical Resistance

General Properties
Chemical Resistance:  A broad range of resistance to oils, fuels, lubricants and most mineral oils. Very good resistance to many aliphatic hydrocarbon fluids that act as solvents for many other rubbers.

Compression Set: Exceptionally good resistance even at temperatures that can stiffen other non-fluorinated elastomers.

Environmental:  Good Resistance to atmospheric oxidation, sun, weather, and excellent resistance to fungus and mold.

General Purpose 100% Viton™ FKM Sheet

Thermodyn Viton™ FKM Sheeting (TD 1270) *Cured & Post Cured
ASTM D 2000 2HK715 A1-10, B38, EO78, F15, Z1   {Z1- (75+/-5) Durometer }

Durometer:                 (75+/- 5) Shore A
Elongation:                  165% Minimum
Fluorine Content:        Minimum (66%  Fluorine) Content
Tensile Strength:          1600 PSI Min
Color:                              Black
Temperature Range:     -18°C  to  + 204°C

Made from 100% Virgin Viton FKM  Rubber

Thickness Range:   1/64” to  1”  In Roll or Slab Form
Surface Finish:    Smooth Paper, Fabric, or Plate Finish*
            * Plate Finish Requires and extra Charge

Thickness to RMA ( Rubber Manufacturers Association) Standards

Specification Grade 100% Virgin Viton™ “A” FKM Sheet    

Thermodyn Viton™ “A”(66% Fluorine) Sheet (TD7512A175,TD75MI, TD90MI,TD65FDA)

Dupont SU2A Gasket Material Std (S22/G22) (66% Fluorine)    
Thermodyn Viton™ “A” FKM Sheet  (TD7512A175)

  • Cured & Post Cured

Military Specifications: (66% Fluorine)
Mil R 83248 Ty 2 Cl 1 // AMS 3216                  
Thermodyn Viton™ “A” FKM Sheet  (TD75MI)

  • Cured & Post Cured

Mil R 83248 Ty 2 Cl 2 // AMS 3218                    
Thermodyn Viton™ “A” FKM Sheet  (TD90MI)

  • Cured & Post Cured

FDA Approved Sheeting to FDA 21CFR 177.2600,(C),(4),(1) (66% Fluorine)
Thermodyn Viton™ “A” FKM Sheet  (TD65FDA)

  • Press Cured Ony