Beater Add Processed Gasket Materials

Thermodyn (TGS) is a co-venture manufacturer and wholesale distributor that now offers Cellulose (Paper) and Non-Asbestos (Special Fillers) Gasket materials made in the Beater Addition process.  The various materials will include NBR Binder (Nitrile) in High Density, Medium Density and Low Density along with SBR binder (Synthetic) in High Density, Medium Density and Low Density styles.

The materials can be used in general applications for use against oils, fuels, coolants and water, i.e. oil pan gaskets, carburetors, radiators and water pump gaskets, etc.  Plus facing grades for Cylinder Head Gaskets and Core Materials for Heat Shield applications are available along with Aramid containing materials for the more demanding requirements.

Depending on the amount of material used, we can also develop a specific style of material to the customer’s requirement.  The beater add material are available in roll and sheet form, depending upon usage and the customer’s requirements.

Let Thermodyn Fill Your Quality Rubber Needs & Custom Orders for Industrial Gasket Materials.