Silicone White
Finish: Smooth
Durometer: 60
Tensile: 850 psi
Elongation: 250%
Temperature: -20°F to +400° F
Color: White

FDA Approved per 21CFR 1772600
Style 6735

Silicone rubber is a very versatile material by the mere fact that the temperature range is more extreme than other synthetic rubbers. The silicone rubber is inert, very flexible and can be used in medical and FDA environments. In addition to temperature, silicone rubber has superior resistance to water and makes an excellent electrical insulator.

This white silicone compound is designed using white list ingredients for use in food grade applications and is compliant to the Code of Federal Regulations 21CFR177.2600.

36″ Rolls

Gauge: Product Part #: Length (ft/roll): lbs (average):
1/32” 31-6735-032-36-60D 50 29
1/16″ 31-6735-062-36-60D 50 58
3/32″ 31-6735-093-36-60D 50 87
1/8″ 31-6735-125-36-60D 50 116
3/16″ 31-6735-032-36-60D 50 175
1/4″ 31-6735-125-36-60D 50 232