Finish: Plate
Durometer: 60
Tensile: 1000 psi
Elongation: 300%
Temperature: -20°F to +200° F
Color: Black

Style 6145

Hypalon® (the former DuPont brand name for chlorosulfonated polyethylene or CSM) is an ozone resistant synthetic rubber that is resistant to oil, weather exposure, color change, heat, flame and flex fatigue.

Hypalon® is a synthetic rubber used to waterproof a fabric substrate for a variety of outdoor end use applications. As an industrial cover or jacketing material it provides excellent abrasion and flex fatigue resistance. It’s a great choice for dock seals and other outdoor applications. CSM’s can be compounded to provide excellent flame and oil resistance as well as resistance to weather, ozone, and oxidizing chemicals.

36″ Rolls

Gauge: Product Part #: Length (ft/roll): lbs (average):
1/16” C6-6145-062-36-60D 50 73
1/8” C6-6145-125-36-60D 50 145
3/16” C6-6145-187-36-60D 50 218
1/4” C6-6145-250-36-60D 25 145

48″ Rolls

Gauge: Product Part #: Length (ft/roll): lbs (average):
1/16” C6-6145-062-48-60D 50 97
1/8” C6-6145-125-48-60D 50 194
3/16” C6-6145-187-48-60D 50 290
1/4” C6-6145-250-48-60D 50 194