Finish: Plate
Durometer: 75
Tensile: 711 psi
Elongation: 250%
Temperature: -20°F to +170° F
Color: Red

Style 6105

Styrene Butadiene (SBR) is a copolymer of styrene and butadiene. It’s a polymer used in the manufacture of expanded rubber. Styrene Butadiene performs well in water, alcohol, silicone oil & grease, and several automotive fluids mainly in braking systems.

SBR rubber can be compounded to provide good abrasion, wear, and tensile qualities. It can be used in many different applications including covers, jacketing, and protective sheet environments. SBR can be readily substituted for natural rubber in many applications with significant cost savings. Resilience is about the same as natural rubber.

Thermodyn provides SBR in red and a black. Black is available in homogeneous sheet as well as cloth inserted.

36″ Rolls

Gauge: Product Part #: Length (ft/roll): lbs (average):
1/16” C2-6105-062-36-75D 50 84
1/8″ C2-6105-125-36-75D 50 168
3/16″ C2-6105-187-36-75D 50 252
1/4″ C2-6105-125-36-75D 25 168

48″ Rolls

Gauge: Product Part #: Length (ft/roll): lbs (average):
1/16” C2-6105-062-48-75D 50 112
1/8″ C2-6105-125-48-75D 50 224
3/16″ C2-6105-187-48-75D 50 336
1/4″ C2-6105-125-48-75D 25 224