Finish: Smooth
Durometer: 75
Tensile: 2000 psi
Elongation: 175%
Temperature: -20°F to +400° F
Color: Black

Meets DuPont gasket codes S26/G26
(70% Fluorine)

Style TH-7070-GF

Chemours Viton™ fluoroelastomer is the most specified fluoroelastomer, well known for its
excellent (400°F/200°C) heat resistance.

Viton™ offers excellent resistance to aggressive fuels and chemicals. Thermodyn has
inventory of 100% Chemours Viton™ sheet goods in a variety of colors and durometers.

Viton™ A, B, GF, Nomex or fiberglass reinforced are available. Manufactured in the U.S.A.

36″ Rolls

Gauge: Product Part #:
1/32” 20-TH-7070-FGC-031-36
1/16” 20-TH-7070-FGC-062-36
3/32” 20-TH-7070-FGC-093-36
1/8” 20-TH-7070-GFC-125-36
3/16” 20-TH-7070-FGC-187-36
1/4” 20-TH-7070-FGC-250-36

48″ Rolls

Gauge: Product Part #:
1/32” 20-TH-7070-FGC-031-48
1/16” 20-TH-7070-FGC-062-48
3/32” 20-TH-7070-FGC-093-48
1/8” 20-TH-7070-GFC-125-48
3/16” 20-TH-7070-FGC-187-48
1/4” 20-TH-7070-FGC-250-48